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Dark Wolf is a balance-type beyblade owned by Daidoji.

Dark Wolf

Face Bolt: WolfEdit

Dark Wolf's facebolt is red, it's sticker features an open-mouthed wolf with the word "WOLF" in the middle of his mouth.

Energy Ring: WolfEdit

The original release of Wolf is a plastic transclucent brown energy ring with what looks like 4 wolf "heads" every quarter of the wheel.

Fusion Wheel: DarkEdit

Dark has 12 small spikes all going in the clockwise direction with small spaces in-between the spikes giving it a circular shape.

Spin Track: Down Force 145Edit

Down Force hard-hitting blades. The down force blades push air down helping in Stamina. The Blades going down force down the beyblade giving it more weight.

Performance Tip: Flat SpikeEdit

The Flat Spike helps your beyblade control it's pace. For better endurance.

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