A stamina-type legend beyblade.

Face Bolt: VirgoEdit

The Face depicts Virgo, the sixth astrological sign of the Zodiac.

Energy Ring: VirgoEdit

Virgo was first released in a translucent yellow colour. Virgo has a smooth, flowing design to emulate a woman's hair, and features a small notch on both sides.

Fusion Wheel: NightEdit

Night is one of the most smooth, circular Wheels currently available. Its circular shape is composed of two large, and long slopes which connect with each other to form the circle; however, despite their appearance, they don't offer any effective Upper Attack. These properties lend themselves well to Stamina, and despite its relatively average weight in comparison to other Wheels, Night has found its place among the best Stamina-based Wheels currently available.

Spin Track: Down Force 145Edit

Down Force hard-hitting blades. The down force blades push air down helping in Stamina.

Performance Tip: Bottom SpikeEdit

Bottom Spike maintains spin.

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